Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Next step-SURGERY

I finally had the opportunity to talk with my surgeon last week. I had so many questions and was very anxious because I received a phone call letting me know something I was not expecting.
Last week I was informed my mammogram had some "areas" of concern and I will be going to have more tests done to clarify everything is good and I do not have the possibility of having breast cancer.
I do have to be honest and tell you it was the last call I wanted to receive on top of everything I am going through. Since I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer on April 5, I have been very calm and positive for the better. When they called me to let me know my mammogram showed areas of concern I just lost it.
I know I lot of woman get this type of call and after having more tests done everything is okay but I am already so sensitive on this topic that I was scare, very scare. My dear husband assured me I will be okay and not to worry, he is such a big support for me.
Talking with my surgeon about the news on my mammogram, he wanted to see the radiologist report and he told me we needed to wait until I have all the tests done and have confirmation I do not have breast cancer to be able to move on with my thyroid surgery.
Doctor Richard Fischer is fantastic, he was very kind and explained every little detail to me and my husband. I am sure I am in very good hands, Dr. Fischer and his staff are all very caring.
My surgery date will be on May 15, it will all depend on the results of my diagnostic tests in my breasts that I will have on May 6.
I am very faithful I will be okay and will be able to continue with the surgery to take the cancer out and part of my thyroid.
I am still keeping my head up and a big smile to life !!!


"Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push, a smile, a world of optimism and hope. A "you can do it" when things are tough."
~ Richard M. Devos

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thank You! - Muchas Gracias !

I have been overwhelmed by all the support I have been getting from family and friends. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your wonderful comments and good energy, you can not imagine how much all this means to me.
(Me ha emocionado enormemente el gran apoyo que he recibido de mi familia y amigos. Les doy las gracias a todos desde el fondo de mi corazon por todos sus bellos comentarios y energia positiva, no se pueden imaginar cuanto me ayuda saber que estan conmigo en esta lucha.)

I am still waiting to see the surgeon to talk about the surgery, I will see him until April 25th when I will know more about all this process. I have been reading and getting in contact with wonderful people who have been through all this already and some, like me, are just starting the journey. I have learned a lot and it has giving me a better perspective of what is to come.
(Aun estoy a la espera de hablar con el cirujano, lo vere hasta Abril 25 donde podre saber un poco mas de todo este proceso. He leido y hecho contacto con mucha gente maravillosa que ya paso por todo esto y otros que como yo recien empiezan esta experiencia. He aprendido mucho y me ha dado una mejor perspectiva de lo que viene.)

One again, THANK YOU !!  ( De nuevo, MUCHAS GRACIAS !!)

I painted this heart in 2012 in my paper journal, it represents my big love
for my family. They are a big support as all my friends.

Thyroid Cancer: I am READY !!

It was around 11:30 am on Friday, April 5, when I was waiting in my endocrinologist office to talk about the results of my thyroid biopsy. When she got into the office and she did not have the usual smile in her face I knew something was not right; well I knew something was not right when they called me the next day I had my biopsy to tell me they needed to talk with me.
She sat next to me and asked me how I was feeling and I told her I was great. She then continue to tell me she received the results and that she had some bad news to give me, I knew then what it was. She showed me the paperwork and I saw the word, Papillary carcinoma, and I knew right there I have Thyroid cancer. She said, I am sorry Lorena they found cancer and you need to go to surgery very soon to take it out.
I am not going to lie and said I was okay, I was very confused and in shock even though I got the feeling that will be my diagnosis.
I have always been concerned with my thyroid because I noticed it looked enlarged, I always asked my doctors to check my thyroid but they only did a regular blood work and it always came back normal but this time I was not going to accept only a blood work, I asked to have a sonogram to be more sure. Thanks to this they found I have lots of nodules and one of them was more than 2 cm big. Anything that is bigger than 1 cm needs to be check out and they told me I will be having a biopsy.
I know I am blessed because this type of cancer is not as bad as any other type and I have faith it all will be okay after the surgery and future treatment.
I am writing this very personal moment because I have always been a person who likes to share my experiences, good or bad. I am very passionate about my family, my art and my life and I will go through all this with the same passion I have for all the important things in my life.
Am I scare? YES I am
Am I concerned? YES I am
I am only human and it is normal I feel like this, mostly because of my kids and my husband but I know it all will be OKAY.
Thyroid Cancer, I am READY  !!!!!